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Resolution Time!!

As many of you know i am a BIG New Year's Resolution person. I periodically make large goals and usually i make goals for every week but there is something about January that gets me very excited to make changes and set new goals for myself.

I'll start with last year- we were on a cruise through the New Year's holidays and i had an epiphany that i should set a goal to not buy clothing for the entire year! i will tell you that on the 31st at dinner when i told my family that i was going to set this goal they all laughed out loud. It was pretty hilarious. i set a few reasons why i wanted to accomplish this- besides that fact that it was a really good year to do this considering we didn't really have any extra money for me to go shopping- i really wanted to break the cycle of obsessive shopaholic! i would often times buy something just because it was $20 and on sale or just because i was shopping and i wanted to buy things-- what resulted was a closet of lots of things that i didn't really love and that many were trendy items that were only worn for a couple of months. i decided that i wanted to narrow my closet to key items and define a look for myself that i could live on for several years instead of a few weeks. This year i took an intense look at what i'm most comfortable in for work, what i want to wear for special occasions and dressy occasions and i streamlined my wardrobe. As a designer i often times find myself wanting to dress simply and put the creativity into my designs. A uniform of sorts is what i have defined for myself. Although it was hard to not buy anything the entire year it has taught me that i can have an amazing level of self discipline when i set my mind to it. and with that note i'll talk about a few goals for this year!:

1. Cutting Refined Sugar and Corn Syrup out of my diet completely. yes i am crazy and yes that includes cupcakes. and cookies. and fruit snacks- basically my entire diet. I'm doing this so that when 2010 arrives and i finally do start to eat sugar again i will be satisfied with 1/2 a cookie instead of 3. (i do have a couple exceptions- valentines day & my birthday)

2. Read 3 Books a month- 1 book club book and 2 others of my choosing

3.Use only ReUsable bags and water bottles- ill will be taking my green bags everwhere- even target and only using my camelback water bottles! -- we will also be recycling everything we can in our apartment!

4. Saving Money every month and following Dave Ramsey's steps!

5.Running a 1/2 Marathon in April and Full Marathon in October.

6.Once spring arrives eating only local produce!

7.Grow and herb garden on my porch, and help a neighbor with a garden

So i think thats probably enough to share- if your interested in the entire page with bullets that i make each year i would be glad to show it to you. :)


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