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25 Random Things..

So i was tagged in a note on facebook to make a list of 25 Random Facts about myself, i decided to post it here instead of there:

1. I have the most amazing husband in the world. No I'm serious, you think yours is great but you really want mine. because he's def. THE BEST. -- example. Our engagement, if you don't know the story ask. its amazing. Oh and i think it helps that we are perfect for each other.

2. I LOVE weddings. i always have and always will ( i think ), unless i'm worn down by the crazy bridezilla's out there. I ask Matt all the time if we can have another wedding, he tells me no- he doesn't want to go through that again. ha! i guess i'll just have to throw really chic parties one day when I'm rich and famous.

3. Right now i'm making wedding dresses- on a one on one client basis. It's actually going really well!

4. I Love my pups. Yes as you can see a few posts down we have two dogs- Jack and Jill. C'mon you can't name your kids cheesy names so you have to do it for your dogs! They are my kids right now- (and for anyone debating kids they are a good prep for sure!) seriously they sleep with us (which i know some people find gross, but your not dog people if you do so you don't understand- that's ok) I really love waking up to a lick in the face telling me it's time to go outside.

5. I love shopping. It's a minor obsession which i defeated last year as i did not buy one article of clothing for an entire year- SO HARD. i don't reccomend this sort of torture unless you are realy in need of an intervention. However it was great for me and now i can actually not buy things when i see them :) But of my favorite stores: J.Crew & Anthropologie.

6. I live in the heartland. Yes the dead center of the U.S - Kansas City, MO. and i like it so much more than i thought i would! Which is such a lovely surprise, i already have alot of friends that i love!

7. I like to make things. i really love to buy supplies to make things. :)

8.I'm all about change. When i was younger i would re-arrange my room at-least once every other month. When i was in college my biggest frustration was when my freshman year room-mate wouldnt let me rearrange our dorm room (now i realize this was stupid to get mad over) point is- i can't keep things the same - redecorate, rearrange, i love it! Last week i rearranged my studio :)

9. Lists are my Life. Once a co-worker told me that i was the listiest person she knew. I have a planner and then a little book i call my list book.

10. i desperatly want to move somewhere with a beach and warm-weather year round, that is not Florida- Really i just want to move to Southern California. SanDiego please..

11.I love all things vintage. 50's-60's are my fav. You probably couldn't tell based on my collection :)

12. I started running. this is new thing and i can't quite call my self a "runner" but maybe after my first half-marathon in April i can. I can however claim the 8 blisters on my feet as proof i've been training!

13. I love polka-dots.

14. I love Martha. Yes Martha Stewart, i was once called Mary Martha by a good friend, you can guess what the Mary stood for.

15. I love to be tan. i gave up the tanning bed but i can't wait to be out at the pool everyday this summer to make up for last year being the palest summer ever.

16. I love to travel, and want to do more of it. I really love a beach vacation. but i also like to explore new places whether it be a teeny small town america or somewhere abroad- i want to go everywhere!

17. I've started to love to cook. i don't really ever cook anything twice- i cook from magazines every night (or cookbooks) my favs are Bon Appetit and Real Simple. As Matt once commented "We only eat fancy food" i think he was complaining but i took it as a compliment.:)

18. I love to bake, even though i'm giving up sugar this year and i packed all my cute pans away in the storage, i will pick it up again next year and take the wilton cake decorating class too!

19. I really love chip and pepper jeans. every pair i try on fits me like it was made for me. I'm addicted.

20. We live at the movies. they literally are 50 seconds from our apt. and on the week days its only 5$. we go alot.

21. I wish Jessica and Caroline and Meredith lived next door.

22. I love books. i love that im in a book club, so fun. but i think i might like buying the books even more than i like reading them. well i really like reading them too, but i love decorating my bookshelf with them :)

23.I Love the Power of Prayer and Scripture Study and the difference it makes in my daily life.

24. I love my family- all of them. even the crazy ones.

25. I went to RISD. I miss it, maybe not the workload but i miss being in shool and the people. Yes i really miss my friends. :)

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