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A Little Bit of This..

Well i thought i would update you all on my progress eating sugarless. It truly is quite an accomplishment, especially considering it is now the 27th of January!! I have almost made it a whole month. Since this began my safety food has been pears, they are ripe and sweet and after dinner when i need a treat they have been just the trick, and that snack during the day when I'm working- NUTS, i been shocked at how great cashews are at filling the munchies.

It has been extremely hard mind you- especially at all the Bridal Shows i have been to this month-4 so far, where everyone is eating cake! Although surprisingly it is getting easier to resist, like Sunday when we had a birthday party for my cousins with the cutest cupcakes- i had a few strawberries thanks to my aunt and i was fine. There is a girl who did this same thing last year and her blog has been a fabulous source for me, especially her recipes! i made sugar free cookies the other day! the only ingredients: Honey, Flour, and butter! Let me just put a warning out there to anyone who decided to do this- realize you cannot eat anything in a package, NOT EVEN BREAD!! Last night we were at the grocery store and i had already noticed before this that really everything in a box contains the ingredient SUGAR, it's almost a conspiracy! ha.

For those of you who think i'm nuts and that this whole sugar thing is not really that beneficial read this article: Sugar is a Poison and maybe you'll understand me a little bit more.

I also had to ad this picture of last Sunday's dinner i made. A Whole Roasted Chicken with veggies. It was really quite good!
Hope your having a Happy January- It's freezing here in Kansas City so if you're somewhere warm please enjoy for me!

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