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A little Puppy Update

So it's not secret we love our pups and since Matt got a great new camera for Christmas we decided to do a little photo shoot one morning when we were still in Nashville. As you will see a few of the photos are of Jill Mid-Air, in the morning she likes to "pounce"-- to entice her to do this we will lay in the bed and wiggle our feet and from wherever she is on the bed even if its on the other side she will take a second go back on her hind legs and literally jump from her spot to the spot of the suspicious movement of which she feels that she needs to destroy. It's hilarious. free entertainment we say. As for Jack, he has found his bark- to our dismay. I think Smokey my dad's dachshund was a bad influence, Jack never barked before the stay in Nashville and now he is the ultimate guard dog. And let me tell you its no little bark, any trespasser would be scared by it (i think so anyway) Matt is little less impressed and proceeds to smack him on the nose as soon as he starts. Here are a few pictures, i hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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