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Cindy McCain, a must read!

I'm not sure exactly when i decided to start actually reading my homework in high school but I'm pretty sure my Cindy McCain had a huge part of it and I'm pretty sure my own personal love of reading had a landmark start when she had our honors English class read East of Eden by John Steinbeck. As a student i connected with Ms.McCain more than any other teacher and i hoped then that we would stay in touch as we have. As a student i remember talking with her about life and boys and all things not even related to my paper that was probably not on her desk at the deadline. I think she identified with me and my struggle to achieve large dreams i had set for myself and her support meant the world to me then as it does now.

I tell you all this because Cindy is a fabulous writer- i'm sure we'll be reading her books in book club very soon, but until those are finished you really should check out her blog. Hilarious stories (including one post about having the same name as the potential first lady) and great movie reviews. You can read the Rich Life of Cindy McCain at:

Here is a picture of Chelsie, Me, Sarah, and Cindy in Rome in the summer of 2004. Right after i graduated high school on the EF tour. My first and only (so far) trip to Europe- The icing was getting to go with Cindy. The stories we have from that trip... (especially ones involving snached purses in alleys and a vengeful Mrs.Moss)

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