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Our Valentines Extravaganza!!

Happy Valentines Day!! We had a wonderful day today! and its still not over, however i thought id take the down time before we leave for a play to put up some cute photos :). Above is my *valentines outfit* i made the dress, and i got those cool shades from matt today, as well as the ADORABLE necklace :) Below is a picture of me from last night. we decided to do dinner last night. it was amazing! we ate at Le Fou Frog. SO GOOD.
Matty got me these gorgeous daisies!
And made me breakfast. although the bottom picture looks like a bird it is actually a heart :)
Then after i taught a class we went to this adorable bistro for lunch which serves all local/organic foods. SO GOOD as well!

Then we went to Christopher Elbow Chocolates. He is local to KC and actually world famous. it was of course SO GOOD. and yes today is a free day- ive taken advantage, although i really can't eat as much as i used too! im already sugared out!

Then we came home to eat dinner but we honestly were still full so we just made a cheese plate. we love cheese plates, and sparkling grape juice. so great!

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