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Valentines Week!

So as many of you know we like to do surprises, or maybe i should say I like to do surprises, be surprised etc. So for Valentines Day i decided to surprise Matt. However i don't think its very surprising for this event that you see in these photos if it were to have taken place on valentines day. So i did this last week, and yes he was SO surprised! it was great. As you see above he came home (i had already left to go to a church service activity) and he found this note on the door...
He then entered to find this gift on the table! Inside is an Xbox 360 which he has wanted for awhile he just never bit the bullet to get it for himself, i knew i was going to get it for v-day but i didnt want him to figure it out- which always happens if we wait until the day the gifts are supposed to be given.
Inside the bag as this note...
and inside the closet was Guitar Hero. While i was at the store buying the xbox i realized it wouldn't be very fun that day if he didn't have a game to play with it.
Needless to say the xbox has already had ALOT of use in the last week.

As for me i have been quite busy making Vicki's wedding dress which is coming out so well and we are so excited to be heading off to Utah for the wedding a week from tomorrow! And if you will look to the left you will see a new Etsy store with a few tunics and tops i have made recently. Jana and i have been working hard and using up all kinds of fabric i have that is not suitable for wedding dresses!

Happy Valentines Week!

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