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Vicki Muir's Wedding!!

Last weekend we headed to Utah for Matt's mom's wedding.
It was great fun for the entire family to be together and to
meet the family that she will be joining. Rod has five kids as well which we met and agreed that they seem like a super fun family we are happy to now be apart of as well!It was really fun to see little Maddie and Elliott play, they are so close in age- its going to be really fun with so many cousins around! I'm just glad everyone else is making Babysitters for my kids :)

I LOVED Vicki's flowers.
We used an inspiration image from a Martha Stewart Magazine
and her bouquet was perfect. So beautiful.
And her dress turned out perfect. We were so happy with it.
If you want to see more photos of it you can look at my Bride Blog.

We really make lots of money modeling...

These are two of Rod's Grandsons that are just SO Adorable.
And below one is with one of his daughter's Megan- who is so sweet.

Our little Alette.. i just loved this picture!
Jeff and Cynthia and Maddie- Great photo of you guys! props to Matt

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