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A Little Project...

This is the 3rd day for me to have not left our apartment. I think i just caught a virus and i have literally been lying in bed for two days. Today i finally felt a little bit better. In the space of the 48 hours nearly all spent in bed, i did get a little bit of reading done, i finished two books i was in the middle of -Believing Christ, and The Laws of Simplicity, as well as the first season of Heroes- which has proved to be very entertaining. Matt has been more than sweet-
bringing me flowers
and lots of meds-
if i hadn't been feeling like death it would have been a nice couple of days!

Anyway since i was feeling a little better today we decided to finish a project we started last Sunday. The one room in my apartment i haven't been very happy with since we moved in.. the second bedroom/home office. When we were in Utah for Christmas i had an epiphany of what i wanted and have been waiting to find the time to do it. Needless to say it turned out exactly as i had wanted it to! I'm so happy with it, it's my new favorite room! It just shows what a little D.I.Y spirit can do! So enjoy our week of re-decorating...

This is the BEFORE picture. you might remember it from a post long ago...
remember the red table and chairs. we totally repainted them!

Just a few stripes :)

So i'm really into painting picture frames... remember my living room :)
So i found these two frames on Craigslist pretty cheap. I look for frames that are detailed enough to look cool once you paint them one color. they can even be an ugly,gaudy,gold...

If you can't tell already the colors for the room are black,white, green and yellow
After painting the frames i then put a corkboard inside. you can see in the after photo.

Below is the start to the refinishing of the table and chairs. It's not that i hated the red and white- i just needed a change. Angela needs a change? No! really?! :)

We had to put a base coat of White flat paint. Then a coat of a clear "crackle glaze"
and then your top color- which we used as black.
It's the coolest thing, as you put the black coat on it starts to crack all over.

And the
After photos:

The finished look...

You can see that i used the same fabric to make the curtains
and re-cover the chair seats, which was much less intimidating than i thought it would be.
I took the swatch of fabric with me when buying the green paint for the frames,
and i actually painted the matt of the picture to have it match.
I just love this little stripe room :)

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