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Wandering Aimlessly...

Today i must have looked like a New Yorker to tourists visiting, i only say this because i was wearing the uniform of a black trench and about 4 different people asked me for directions. Today was an interesting day, alot of my friends who live here decided to take off for the weekend for various reasons, even Chris and Sheena had to jet off to SanFran for Chris to attend some meetings- which brings me to a very embaressing and funny story. Last night as i was coming in the building and talking on the phone to Matt i start ascending the trecherous stairs in their building to the FOURTH floor. yes, i live on the 3rd and it doesn't seem that bad, but the extra level is just too much. Anyhow, i was either too caught up in my conversation or just used to only going to the third floor but i walked up to the door which i thought was mine and started trying to put the key in. As you have probably figured out the key wouldn't fit, and my mind is reeling "How is this not working, is this a wrong key? How in the world am i going to get in the apart..." when all of the sudden Matt in my ear and my thoughts in my head are interupted by a voice behind the door saying "Who's There?" SHOCKED i respond in a very confused voice "Chris? wait.. NO! I'm at the wrong apartment!" i hurredly ran up the stairs and put the key in the right door and went inside to escape the embaressment of the neighbor coming out to see who the moron is trying to get into his apartment.

Anyhow-- back to today- so i spent most of my day wandering around the city. i had nothing too important or time sensitive on the agenda, which meant i walked all over the city. I have been very proud of myself this trip, usually by day 2 i take a cab or two when i don't want to walk to the next destination or subway stop but this trip i still have yet to take a cab. I think i will give in on Tuesday when i have to get to the train to get to the shuttle to get to the Long Island airport- don't ask. Especially with all the wonderful things im bringing home my one small carry on suitcase has expanded into 2 suitcases and a duffel and a carry-on, it should be fun.

So... i said in the beginning several people asked me for directions which always makes me feel good, mostly because i tell myself its because i look like i know what im doing. i was hungry when i left so i took the cross town bus all the way to the west side and just walked from 86th to 66th people watching and window shopping the entire way. Then i took the subway downtown to union square where the farmers market is just so fresh on a sunny day like it was today- and then from there just headed south, i knew i wanted to go to Soho to look at some white jeans, as i was walking with no real specific idea of where i was on fourth ave a man walked up to me and asked the quickest way to washington square park, to his question i responded with a laugh "I'm sorry i really don't know im just wandering aimlessly" to that they laughed and said to enjoy my wandering. i did :)

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