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Beautiful San Diego!

As many of you know San Diego holds a special place in our hearts, we were married there June 23, 2007. This weekend was our first time back, and it was such a great trip! We went with Matt's sister and her family of 3 kids. It was great to play on the beach with our nieces and 11 month old nephew! Above you can see the living room window from the condo i found off of craigslist. I highly recommend looking in the vacation rentals section of craigslist for places to stay when you want to go on vaca- so much better than a hotel, cheaper and things like a kitchen were imperative, plus it was right on the beach!

The trip was fabulous- all until the last night when Matt and i came down with the worst case of food poisoning i have ever experienced. I'll just leave it at that. i'll have another post about it and how much southwest airlines saved our life, but for now enjoy these fabulous pictures of the beach!

Easter Dinner, and Yes i did bring the tablecloth and napkins with me from home.

Easter Sunday

We were on the second floor.

Matt and smallest niece.

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