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Crafting Away

In January i taught a class on how to turn an old sweater into a tote bag, a reporter from the Kansas City Star came and took pictures and did an article on the class and re-using things. You know being Green and what not. I also made a pillow for the reporter because the article was going into the home section of the newspaper.

An Excerpt from the KC Star Article:
"She signed up for a workshop -- turning old sweaters into totes and pillows -- offered at Urban Arts & Crafts in Briarcliff Village."I saw the class and thought, 'perfect!' "The sweater, along with a bit of purchased fabric trim, became a tote. "I like to recycle," Bruck says. And now, "I have a bunch of old clothes that I plan to remake."The instructor, Angela Muir of Kansas City, makes wedding dresses for a living but adores pillows and decor projects."As long as you have basic sewing skills, they really won't take you more than three hours."She brought a remade sweater pillow to class as an example. "It was a weird sweater my mom gave me that I only wore twice," she says. But embellished with a vintage button she'd found, the not-so-great gift became an oh-so-nice sham."

From that article a woman called the store interested in making some pillows- i returned her call and ended up making these pillows for her. They are actually a mother's day present for her mom, the pillows are made from her late father's bath robe. I think they turned out quite cute! It was nice to make something so sentimental for someone.

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