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Southwest Airlines I LUV YOU!

As you may remember from a previous entry i fly southwest. And although that entry was about how annoyed i become when others flying can't listen and comprehend their very simple boarding process this post is about how much i truly adore southwest. I have always loved the fact that i actually earn free tickets with their amazing rapid rewards program, i think since I went to college in 2004 i have probably flown about 4 round trips for free. There is also more leg room because there is no first class and although they don't offer any meals the prices are 90% of the time cheaper than anyone else. Hence why i take a train all the way to Long Island so i only have to pay $80 each way to New York, which by the way will change June 28th because they are opening southwest gates in LAGUARDIA! Yay!
So now you can see why i have only flown another airline 2 times in the last 5 years. But Yesterday they honestly saved our lives.

And the story goes like this:
Sunday night Matt and i both had a very terrible night. Throwing up constantly ( i know prob too much info) Basically it was terrible, neither one of us can remember being so sick. Ever. The plans for Monday were to be that we had to check out at 9am, our flights didn't leave until 4pm so we were going to go to the Zoo. However at 7am when i was still in the bathroom on the floor a 9am checkout and walking around the Zoo was about as far from what we wanted to do as possible. We called the condo owner and asked for a later check out- Nope, couldn't happen. I called Southwest to see if we could get on an earlier flight and was told that there was a flight at 11:05 but it would cost $181 EACH, because the fare we got our tickets for was that much cheaper. UG. so that was out of the picture. So we headed to the airport to sit for 6 hours until our flight left, i mean we didn't know what else to do and didn't want to prohibit Michelle and Andrew and their kids from going to Sea World, and did i mention it took too much energy to even stand up?!

When we arrived at the outside ticket counter we tried to check our bags but the southwest agent looked at the time of our flight and responded that she couldnt check in our bags that early- she was met with the most exasperated sign from both of us, i think our bodies sank about 4 inches and she could tell something was wrong. Matt then again asked if we could get on an earlier flight, she checked her computer and told us about the 11:05 flight (at this point it was about 10 am) and then said it could cost us but she was going to call her supervisor. On the phone with this blessed supervisor she explained that we had food poisoning and really needed to get home. God Bless this man, because he let us on that non-stop 11:05 flight for no charge. she responded with a "he felt sorry for you so he's going to do you a favor and put you on" Honestly it made the unvierse of difference. We got home 2 hours before our 4pm flight would have even left and with no lay over (we were supposed to change planes in pheonix and not get home till 11:40) and although i got sick on the plane, we were also blessed wiht the kindest flight attendent ever. Victoria i also love you for bringing me blankets, ginger ale, and extra barf bags,and napkins and all the while acting concerned. Honestly Southwest saved my life. As of this morning we are both feeling much better, i guess thats what 12 hours of sleep will do!

click on their logo to go to their great website and book a flight today! :)

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