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Justus Drugstore

For Matty's Birthday we did a little bit of celebrating. I took him to this restaurant that i have been dieing to go to for a while now, and let me tell you it was everything i had hoped and more! It's called Justus Drugstore- the history is that the chef's family had owned a drugstore FOREVER in the same building and he decided to turn it into a restaurant and keep the name. I actually read about it in Bon Appetit so i knew i had to make a trip there sometime while we lived here. It is in Smithville, the most unassuming place, and they serve all local ingredients in their dishes and they are SO Creative with their menu. You can see their website HERE.

They kept the original soda fountain!
It is a smaller restaurant- you have to have reservations, and the kitchen is open so you can see everything- but it's not loud like some places where the kitchen is open.

I love places that A.give you your own water, and a plus if it's in a cute bottle as above and B. places that serve you little bites of things that you didn't order and had no idea were coming- example they gave us really great homemade bread as well as a little crostini bite with portwine sauce drizzled over chicken pate- yum, and then at the end we didn't order dessert because i had made the cake below and they still brought us a small scoop of sheep's milk ice cream, sage flavor. It was amazing!
Above is our blue cheese salad with praline wafer on top and apple gelee on the side of the lettuce. it was wonderful.

Then my vegetable risotto with yummy basil reduction sauce and below Matt's steak, asparagus on chive mashed potatoes.

And Yes i made the Giant Cupcake Cake! We had all the guys over last night and they devoured it. I forgot to take pictures when they were all over- but it's safe to say the cake is gone :)
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