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Lots of Updates!

I decided that instead of breaking this up into different posts it's going to be one really long one. Every once in a while i think that's Ok. So this weekend has been really busy- on Thursday i couldn't wait for Sunday evening to get here so i could finally breathe- I almost wrote about feeling like a hamster on a wheel, but then i realized i didn't have time! But really don't sometimes you just feel like you're a hamster running really really fast on a little wheel that doesn't go anywhere or really get anything done, besides maybe getting a little bit of exercise but mostly just making your self throw-up. Ha! I shipped a wedding dress, which i thought was going to be the end of me, to Utah on Saturday with Casey who is now ENGAGED!! congrats Casey & Kylee! We are so excited to have someone else in the awesome Muir Family!!

But really it wasn't that bad, i had a lot of fun as you are about to see...

So we (more like Me) bought season tickets for the 09-10 season at the Kansas City Rep Theater, which is amazing, and since we bought the season tickets we got free tickets to the current show "A Flea in Her Ear". We went last night. It was HILARIOUS! i think it's still running for a week atleast so you should go if you live here. It was done so well that the Wall Stree Journal gave it a great review. The new Creative Director Eric Rosen has done great things this season and this show was just fabulous, completely entertaining!

So in the studio along with working on the dress that had to be done on Friday we also were preparing to sell at the City Market on Saturday- which i had to be there at 6:00 am. which meant i got up at 5:00. yes. that's right. It was very early, i saw the sun rise! here are a couple studio shots and then city market shots.

City Market Success!
I got these awesome coffee bean burlap sacks that we turned into totes. They were a hit so we will be making many more to sell the coming saturdays of the summer, which from 6am-2:00pm will all be spent at the city market! it was a success- although i think we need a bigger set up and MORE stuff!!
In the above picture is my new intern Julie, she's a dream! so glad to have her!
And above is Jana on the sewing maching- and the mess the studio was in on Friday!
Some of the bags! Aren't they soo cool!
Our booth at the City Market!
Jana sitting in our booth!
Jana's cute friend Alex who bought one of our aprons!
Sitting at the market you see alot of funny things- above is the copper creek family string band, and below a lady who was walking around with her parrot on her shoulder...

And the Cooking Continues!
We have been getting things from our CSA, one item- Radishes- something i have never eaten or cooked, i took a stab at them, i decided i'm not a fan but they are a pretty color!
Ann Thorne taught me how to make bread- i forgot to put an after picture of this loaf, but it turned out soo good, almost like a baguette type bread. Much more successful than last try!

And Risotto... for 7 people :)

We have been enjoying this amazing lettuce from the farm- eating a lot of salads with mixings from craisins to bacon!

And our new favorite Costco find, this blood orange sparkling soda. SO GOOD!

The Morning at the MUIR's
Sometimes i wake up earlier than Matt, well alot of times, and i get up and go on the computer because i can't during the day, and when i come back to our room i find that Mr.Jack has taken my spot- alot of days with his head on my pillow, and i just had to take a picture. And sometimes we can't find Jill, only to discover she is groggily coming out from under the covers
Pleading with his eyes he says "Don't make me get up Mom I'm SO Comfy!"

Boys after Church
i just had to take a picture, mostly because Matt looked so cute today in his new skinny tie :)

Like i said.. So cute!

Plastic Bag Making Again!

and last but not least i taught another plastic bag class and these are the outcomes...

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