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Margarita in Dallas

This weekend i went to visit this lady in Dallas. We had a fabulous time shopping, movie watching, eating cupcakes, wearing out her JCP Discount and just hanging out. We talked about how much we missed those in the picture below and how hard it is to stay in touch when your not together. I really miss you LADY!

When i first arrived we went to lunch, after visiting her office at the JCP Headquarters. The cup below is literally like 5 times normal size. Welcome to TEXAS!

We went shopping... Neiman Marcus is headquartered in Dallas as well...

And we found really cute bakeries!

And we played with Frieda, Margarita's new puppy. SO CUTE!

And the only bummer was that it rained the entire weekend so we couldn't get our tan on. but we still had a great time!

*HINT to Husband*
Maybe we should move to Dallas so i can be around this girl more often. :)

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