St.Charles, Missouri - Handmade in the Heartland

St.Charles, Missouri

When i am on a road trip i have a habit of reading almost every billboard along the way to see if there is anything interesting coming up that i need to stop at. Well this time those skills paid of well because i kept seeing signs to stop at "Historic Main Street" & "Historic downtown St.Charles" But what really gets me is signs that say " Eat, Stroll, SHOP" so i made Matt take a tiny stop on our way to the Indy and this is what i found! St.Charles Missouri is SO CUTE! I guess it's the original capitol of the state which has since been moved to Jefferson City, so out of the way if you ask me, which they didn't when they decided to move it.

Complete with ice cream shops, live re-enacters, a cute homemade soap shop and many home decor type stores its a great little stop if your headed to St.Louis- its about 30 minutes West on the 70.

Enjoy the photos :)

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