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2 Years of Bliss...

Yesterday was our anniversary, its really hard to believe 2 years has flown by! We of course had a whole day of activities which i will post later, but i couldn't help rushing to put up these pics. After a fabulous dinner at 1924 Main we went home and i was so surprised to find a beach on our deck! Although you may not be able to see super well, Matt re-created our wedding on our deck! After hauling 300 lbs of sand up our 3 flights of stairs, buying the same flowers that we had on the beach, candles surrounding our beach, and then we even had cupcakes! If you can see in the sand we danced to "better together" by Jack Johnson, and just as it did on our wedding day our feet prints made a cute circle in the sand.
I think i have the most perfect boy in the world...

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