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2 Years Together He still gets to me...

The first thing we did yesterday was take pictures with Krista Shawcroft- of which i cannot wait to see!! Then i took Matty to get his present which was prescription sunglasses. He is always squinting and if he wears sunglasses he puts them over his eyeglasses which I'm sure is not comfortable, while we were there we also got some new contacts and a new eye prescription. He got Ray Bans which we are excited to pick up today!

Then we went to lunch at Po's Dumpling on 39th in the UMKC Med Area, the food was good but the best part of that area is the amazing used book store. Prospero's books is so cool and they buy and trade for your gently used books! what can i say i'm a book aholic...

Then we went to the Kemper Contemporary Museum which was basically on the Kansas City Art Institute's Campus, I'm ashamed to say i haven't been before yesterday, but i really enjoyed it. It's a smaller museum but we loved the photography exhibit and some of the chihuly pieces.

After the Museum we went to my favorite cupcake place, which since i'm eating it so often i think it rivals Magnolia as my #1. I just can't get over the hawaiian one. SO YUM.

The Main event! 1924 Main for Dinner was FABULOUS! I'm in love with their menu's, the cheese plate (which we downed so fast and then realized we hadn't taken a picture!) the watermelon salad was wonderful and my asian ribs were delicious. We still think that Justus Drugstore, where we went for Matt's Birthday, remains our #1, but 1924 Main remains a close second, and i would go back just to have a cheese plate- but really i would go anywhere that has cheese on the menu.

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