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Back to Civilization!

Yes. Yes i slept in the tent above for a full week. Yes it rained, but thankfully thanks to an amazing Boyd Kanenwisher i was dry- we rigged a tarp over my tent that was amazing. I really was too busy/distracted to take many pictures at camp, i apologize, but it really was a great week. I love working with the youth in my church mostly because i feel like i can make an impact in their lives for good. The week was full of good memories and i am glad that several of my friends were there- especially Shanna Snow, Rachel Kanooth, Katie Beard, and Margaret Bailey! It was also a great week for making alot of new friends and meeting some amazing people. And although i only had one shower the entire week and was constantly worried about ticks and bugs getting into my tent i had a wonderful week. Since i had a little bit of free time during the day i actually got to read a book start to finish! I read 'The Peacegiver' which proved to be very illuminating. enjoy the photos...

Yes. that is an air mattress that took up my entire tent. :)

Our very good camp cooks in the aprons i made them

The girl's cheering on the bishop's as they competed the night they came up

Bishop Pope working so hard to win!

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