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Happy June!

Happy June!!
A Few Reasons why i'm excited it's June-1. The picture above is a sunset if Ft.Lauderdale, This girl's trip couldn't come soon enough. I need a tan and some good beach reading time!2. Girl's Camp is next week which means i get to spend a week with the awesome girls in the photo below!3.The pool is open4. I'm going to get a tan5. The produce from the CSA is getting better every week!
6. Our 2 yr. anniversary
7. I can wear white and be tan.
8. A little break from work :)
9. This new Eat.Shop guide for K.C which i got on Saturday is SO COOL! It's a guide to restaurants and shops that are all locally owned! you know i love that. A Few places (well maybe more than a few) that are at the top of my list:

I'll of course post pictures and a review when i visit!

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