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A little bit of smoke....

So today has been an unexpectedly eventful Sunday. After church i decided to make a peach cobbler, which i had been intending to do for a couple days since i bought fresh Missouri peaches. The recipe below is from the food network- that good ole Paula Dean. It's a great recipe that's super easy, i made it a couple times last summer and it was a big hit.
Let's now explain how the kitchen caught on fire shall we?? (yes that's right my kitchen almost went up in complete flames...)

So...First to make the cobbler you peel and cut up the peaches and put them in a pot with sugar and water- to make a yummy syrup. Meanwhile you melt the butter in the dish you are going to bake the cobbler in, in the oven. After the syrup is perfectly syrupy you then put the syrup on top of the butter/milk/flour mixture and stick it in the oven. All of this went smoothly...

Meanwhile Matt is playing tennis with Casey- they're new after church activity. so i decided that once i put the cobbler in, since it had to cook for 40 minutes i would take the dogs outside for a walk and to see Matt and Casey playing...

About 15 minutes goes by and i decide to go back to the apartment. As I'm walking up to our building and then up the stairs i hear a familiar smoke alarm going off, thinking to myself, who is the stupid person who set their smoke alarm off?? How ironic, because i start to walk faster and then leap the last set of steps because i realize that oh my gosh, it's probably me.

I FLING open the door only to be hit in the face with POURING SMOKE. As i furiously run to the kitchen, eyes burning and throat stinging i realize that when i poured the peaches/syrup into the cobbler dish and put it in the oven i forgot to turn off the burner that had been boiling the pot, AND i LEFT THE OVEN MITTS ON THE BURNER.
Really?? REALLY?!! So in my rush i toss the mitts into the sink, freak out because i realize that i had let Jill in the house, run and grab her- at this point i think my throat might close up (Yes a little bit of an exaggeration) and run out of the apartment down the stairs and start flailing around like a mad woman to get Matt's attention as i run toward the tennis court.

Even funnier might be that as he ran toward me i told him i started a fire in the kitchen and somehow he thought i said i caught the couch on fire- his face is total horror and he starts sprinting full force to the apartment. thankful to find out upon his arrival that there was only in fact an oven mitt smoldering and not a couch in flames.

So as i type every window is open to try to air out the awful smell of burning oven mitt smoke. If you have any tips on how to reduce this smell, please advise. I've almost emptied an entire bottle of febreeze and i can't even tell a difference. Thankfully it's a GORGEOUS day here in KC and its actually very nice to have the windows open- unlike the last week which was a sauna.

I was even taking pictures to show you all about the great cobbler... HA!

remnants on the stove.

The poor victim, my favorite williams-sonoma oven mitt :(

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