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Like i said before I'm really excited about my new Kansas City book, so today we tried 2 places. First, let me just tell you a little story about me and donuts. When i was in the third grade i had an awful teacher. She was so mean. honestly, i am scarred from one particular instance where she wouldn't let me call my mom and tell her i had left the lunch in the car, yes it was the 3rd time that week i had forgotten my lunch, but still... anyway, she thought that she could help me somehow by asking me what my morning routine was so i explained "i get up and get ready, i wait for my dad or papah to pick me up and we go by the granny's donuts and then come to school" at this point i think she had forgotten the reason that she originally asked me to tell her my routine (which was to find a way to help me remember my lunch) and exasperated/ disgusted she asks "You go to the donut store EVERYDAY?" now that i already felt like a loser she made me feel like a fat one at that!
Although Mrs.Brown made me feel like i should never touch a donut hole again i recovered the next morning when it was time to go to granny's. NOW just hold on a second and let me tell you something else- granny's was not just any old donut, it was a special, wonderful glazed that i have yet to find a dulplicate of, im not really a fan of krispy kreme or dunkin', but when i saw the pictures of the donuts and donut king i HAD to go! So this morning we got up early and went before work. Although they still aren't granny's they are the best donut i have had since the 3rd grade... I highly reccomend it.

they were all for me... well and 16 boys :)
this local mexican ice cream store at 830 Southwest Blvd. is literally 5 minutes from our office but you feel like your in a different country when you step inside. (don't expect to have a converstion with anyone) but the traditional paletas (popsicles) are fabulous! another recommendation!

and P.S Our apartment has free tennis lessons so i decided to take the first one yesterday. Keep in mind i had never picked up a racket before in my life. (well besides the time matt made me play because i talked him into buying me this cute tennis dress... that time it did not go well..) however since Matt seems to like it i decided i should try. Well, i'm definetly not going wimbeldon in this lifetime, however i think by the end of the summer i might be able to play with other people. Here's to free lessons!!
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