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Matt's need for Adventure

So those of you who know my husband probably know about his need for death defeating adventure activities. Before he had his driver's license he rolled his brother's car, wrecked both the family jetski's, shot out a kid's tooth with a bebe gun , slit his throat open on a four wheeler going off of a jump, broke plenty of bones skateboarding, and then almost died by punctured lung while snowboarding- that incident he had to be life flighted to the hospital. You're starting to wonder if i knew all this before i married him, yes, yes i did. His mom refers to him as her hospital boy because they saw their number of ER visits. And at this point i'm just hoping i have all girls, because a boy is probably a death wish. After this explanation you should better understand the following pictures of Matt, his brother Casey, and Craig Martin on the fourth of July. Shooting fireworks into the sky is just not entertaining enough for them- they had to re-enact an old favorite past time- Roman Candle Wars. how fun right?

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