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My Favorite Author

Ever since Matt started laughing out loud, on a plane, while reading the "poop" chapter in Me Talk Pretty One Day David Sedaris has become my favorite author. Yesterday i finished his most recent book When you are Engulfed in Flames and it met my expectations of wit and laugh out loud short stories that i have come to LOVE about his books. Since his stories and books are not linear its really fun to piece together what you know about his life while reading each new chapter. I Love how such small happenings are written so well that they become an entire story on their own, when in my life i might consider it inconsequential. And to top it off David is coming to Kansas City to the Midland Theater in October- i will definelty have tickets!

David makes me want to animate little stories on my own onto the posts of this blog, and i just might start...

Here are a few i would Highly reccomend:

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