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Good things come to those who wait...

I have been in love with the slipcover sofa at pottern barn, well ever since i sat in it. It's all down and you just sink right it. So that explains why we purchased the Extorp sofa from Ikea- because it looks nice the nice tradition slipcover sofa, however it is NOT. it was so uncomfortable- and matt would sit on the floor rather than on the couch- so when i listed it on craigslist and it sold i was ecstatic! the only problem- now we needed a new couch. And of course the pottern barn one i wanted was so WAY out of the price range. So in the mean time we got a rental couch and i had be scouring craigstlist since March. Finally, by a wonderful stroke of luck the below couch popped up on my screen! althought it's not the pottern barn one, its from jennifer convertibles, it looks AND feels just like it. It's all DOWN! I'm so in love with it. And the best part- the price tag- it was a steal at $250!
i guess patience is a virtue :)

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