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I could almost smell the sweat!

So I'm only slightly embarrassed that i am a huge Taylor Swift fan. I have chilled out a little bit, but about 6 months ago i played her "Love Story" song about 3 times a day, singing loudly and enjoying every second. And about 6 months ago is when tickets went on sale for her concert- which with the date right around my birthday, i told Matt that is what i wanted. So last night was the concert, and although i thought we would have good seats i really didn't expect to be SO close! i was completely surprised- i could almost smell the sweat :) (well not really but we were pretty dang close!) And Keith Urban put on quite the show as well- gotta love that Aussie!

Here are few photos from the show.


During his song "Kiss a Girl" dancing hershey's kisses and a whole ensemble of "Kiss" rockers came on stage- the above KISS guitarist IS Taylor Swift!

they sang Love Somebody like you together. i loved it!

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