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Cafe Provence

Last Wednesday i turned 23! Here are some pictures documenting the day.
We start with the trip to the Apple Store to get my very own iphone. It's even better than i thought it would be :)

Next we went to these cute shops in an area called Prarie Village. The shop below is called the Curious Sofa and it is SO cute! it really reminds me of John Derian in NY. An even bigger plus of stopping in came later when i emailed the owner about my coffee sack totes and she said she wanted to carry them! i'm taking her a lot this coming Friday for her to choose from!

Then we ate at Cafe Provence (not the same as the one in Nashville, but just as swank) for lunch. It was delicious!

I had the endive, apple, walnut & blue cheese salad and Matt had a chicken mushroom crepe! Yum!

and then we ate some more- at Dolce Baking.

Mini Coconut cupcake and Chocolate Pot de creme.

Matt had creme brulee and a snickerdoodle

Then we went to this super cool museum- the first All Electric House in Kansas City. You can see the website HERE. Since i'm such a fifties junkie i thought it was so cool. Matt found it online, and it was perfect for the day. The house is the original house that was built as a promotion by Kansas City Power and Light in 1950 for people to tour and see how wonderful having everything electric was. Specifically heating and cooling. But there were many other luxury electric things like the painting on the wall the slides away with the push of the buttom to reveal the tv, and the multiple lightswitches at every door and beside your beds to turn the lights on and off with just a flip of a switch.

The bathroom reminded me of my great-grandmothers house that she just a few years ago moved out of.

the fridge had these cool turnstyles so you didnt have to reach over things to get the things in the back! why don't we use this technology??

Then we went to dinner at Trezo Mare an italian restaurant in Briarcliff village. It was so wonderful, and it was so fun to have Sam and Amber there! We had a great dinner. As you can see below it looks like i got engaged- however in case your wondering what i'm doing, Matt got me a silver ring to wear in place of my wedding ring for travel. I was so excited becuase i really didn't expect to get anything in a little blue box! :)

Yummy Bruschetta, i forgot to take a picture of our dinner!

After dinner the rest of the sales reps that were still here came over and we had cake. The cake was SO Good and HOME MADE by Matty- even the cake was from scratch!

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