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I have a pretty handy husband

So it's been a while since i have been blogging regularly- and i hope for that to change any day, life just seems to keep staying particularly busy! Part of the fun of being in the new nest is that we can do things that would seem to permanent to do to an apartment- such as this amazing new kitchen computer that Matt put in. Can i just say i have such a handy husband! i really am quite lucky.

The first project you will see is of my new fancy addition to my kitchen, basically i just mentioned that it would be nice to keep the computer upstairs because i always look at it for recipes and printing out pages all the time is just so not green :), however there was really no place for it so it was going down to the creative cave (my studio in the basement), and the next thing i know he has figured out how to put in a really sweet mount into the cabinets! You can see for yourself...

this is how it looks when the monitor is "put away"
you can see where the comp. is and where we store the blue tooth mouse and keyboard. he also made that piece of wood shelf that they are sitting on- it's concealing all the cords!

monitor down

recipe ready!

Close to the first thing that was set up when we moved in was the tv and the xbox. of course. Matt loves his electronics like any guy- but what i am particularly impressed with is how he concerned he was that they looked nice. Our house came with the perfect area to hang the tv and the the boxes even have their own little slot. The only problem- you could see the cords, which is not the most attractive...

he made a beautifully finished concealing piece that fits pefectly around the cable box and xbox. he even rented a miter saw to make it exact. I am still impressed.


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