Fall Food - Handmade in the Heartland

Fall Food

So i had this whole day of cooking on Tuesday- i just felt like putting some of the ingredients in my fridge to use. I started with the Kale. First we had SO much of it from the farm that i decided to break out my brand new Food Saver machine and put it to use- Thank you Michelle Dunlap! To freeze Kale for winter soups i had to start by putting it in boiling water then, ice water, then drying it out for a few minutes, then freezing it for a few hours then finally putting it in the foodsaver bags. Now when i started it seemed like SOO much Kale! 4 grocery bags full and then when it was finally ready to go into the freezer bags i couldn't believe i had done all that work for such a small amount of food! i guess that's what i have to do to eat local during the winter!
here are some photos of the process:
Before Boiling:After Blanching:
In Freezer bags- Vacuum packed by the foodsaver!
I also did some cooking. Below is THIS mushroom and fontina quiche, as well as THIS Italian soup with fresh kale, and of course the carrot cake that was eaten by the mischievous pup. The soup was Delicious i will def. make again and the quiche was very tasty as well.
enjoy the photos.


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