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The Hamburgler lives in our house...

Since we moved into the house we have been trying to leave the dogs out when we go places instead of putting them in their cage. Well the first few weeks were very successful- nothing got chewed up, which was a miracle if you remember the stories of when jack was a puppy. Then it started. About two weeks ago Matt poured a bowl of cereal and to his dismay we had no milk, so he left the bowl of chex on the counter, we went to church and came back and the bowl was sitting there but instead of being full of cereal there were maybe only 3 pieces left! We assumed it was Jack and that it was an isolated instance and just brushed it off. THEN last week we had the missionaries over for dinner and i made a butternut squash pie (tastes just like pumpkin), about half the pie was left and on the counter when we left to take the missionaries home and run to the store. When we returned home there was an empty aluminum pie tin on the floor- licked so clean you wouldn't have even known anything was in it. At that point i realized it was a bad idea to leave anything on the counter. Then last Saturday after running the race we come home to find upstairs in the bedroom cold-eeze drop wrappers all over the floor- he had downed the entire box and somehow was smart enough to get them out of the wrappers and leave them!! But seriously the best moment came last night. I had a friend over for sewing night and so i had left them alone upstairs (Matt went out with a friend) and yes Jack gets mad when he knows you are somewhere and he cannot get to you, so as i'm downstairs i hear the loud bangs like they are jumping around and all of the sudden i realize my carrot cake i had just made was probably within his reach and so i ran upstairs to find my carrot cake with one side completely eaten by Jack. As soon as i walked in the door he knew he was in trouble and ran upstairs. guilty, guilty, guilty. The funny thing is that since it was just barely within reach he had to keep jumping, take a bite, jumping, take a bite... seriously my dog is the hamburgler!


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