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little snippits from Utah

A little re-cap from our recent trip to Utah. below is a pic i took from my iphone- can you believe that?! Cache Valley Utah, where Michelle and Andrew live is quite beautiful, a little secluded, and without a Target i might go crazy too, but it is very scenic. Being parents of 3 for several days was actually not as bad as i had anticipated. I mean don't get me wrong i don't want three kids tomorrow- but i think it would definitely be manageable one day in my own house with my own kids. Some highlights of that adventure were the 1 year olds fits because he hates changing clothes and his super messy meal times, i felt like i needed to give the kid a bath every time he ate! He also grew SO attached to Matt, it was really adorable when the morning his mom was there he reached for Matt from her arms- Uncle Matt is def. the favorite. the 4yr old is a trip. Seriously she is so adorable but poor thing gets so frustrated being the middle child- i think you need to have another one Michelle so she isn't the middle, with little brother getting all the attention and big sister bossing her around. I especially enjoyed the afternoon i took her antique shopping with me, she was great, she found something she loved a little shell box to keep all her "secret things that my sister can't find" and then she picked out a gift for her sister. My favorite moment with the 6yr old is when she lovingly asked "Uncle Matt can we go get a puppy tomorrow before my mom gets home", you wouldn't think this is a big deal unless you knew how much her mom HATES animals. then it is really funny. Matt responded " I would LOVE to get you a puppy, but i don't think your mom would talk to me after that so i better not"
below is a pic of the 4yr old at story time at the library- that was espeially fun since the 1yr old can't have gluten so we had to distract him from the gold fish because he can't eat them!

i also took the 4yr old on a little outing to the Pepperidge Farm Factory and store. To all those who love a milano cookie- they sell them in bulk for next to nothing!!

We also had the opportunity on Saturday to go to a session of General Conference. Basically a conference that happens twice a year where the leaders of the church speak. The conference center is beautiful and directly across from the Salt Lake Temple.

And one last picture of Matt and Casey the night before the wedding, after the fun and yummy brazilian dinner.

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