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We Did it!

We did it! Longer than i have ever run in my life, more sore than i have ever been in my life, i am so happy to say that we successfully made it the entire 13.1 miles, and although i thought i might die at mile 11- we pushed through and ran it in 2 hours and 31 minutes, sore throat and all! i loved the feeling in the begginning when there is this sea of runners in front of beside and behind you all running together- it was amazing and exhilerating even at 40 degrees! The best part of this entire experience is accomplishing something i never thought that i could ever do! and although i don't ever think i will be able or want to run the full 26.2, i look forward to more races in the future and staying in shape.
I have to give a HUGE thank you to my running partner Amber i KNOW without her i probably would have given up about mid-way through training- WE did it! yay! also a big Congrats to my friend Milli who ran the full the same day and she did so well that she qualified for the boston marathon! She is amazing!
So here are some pictures that my Wonderful husband took- he was so great that he got up way earlier than he likes too, dropped us off and took pictures throughout the race. It should be said also that we couldn't have sufficiently trained without his support, since Amber's husband travels during the week Matt had to go over to her apartment several mornings and watch her 1 yr old so we could run. He is amazing too :)
Above: Before the race Amber and I in line and Freezing!
Below: Matt's really cool pictures of the starting line!

Matt was such a sweetheart and came and cheered in the middle of the race at the Plaza water stop, he took a few pictures too.
This was at mile 7, and we were not in pain yet, feeling really pretty good.
Looking back for a smile :)

I think he was screaming "GO ANGELA!!" and "GO AMBER"
Still at the Plaza
do you see the look on my face below? i think it's a mix of severe pain and exhaustion.
And then i saw the camera... and realized it was only a few more steps to finish!


And the hands go up because we are DONE!
And here we are 13.1 miles later :)

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