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Playing Catch-Up

I think you can tell how busy i am by looking at my blog- if i haven't posted in a while it is because i'm just too busy! In this post i will try to catch you up on all the things that have happened from my New York trip...

1. i had a great trip to NY. got to see a lot of friends- not all of whom did i get photos with and i am kicking myself now that i forgot. it was a busy week and i wish i would have stayed just a few extra days because there were still people i didn't get to see! (Davia!) However, I have some big news- i met with the owners of, an online wedding retailer, and they want to sell my dresses on the site! A lot more details to come, but very exciting news for me :)

From the plane-- coming in to the cityTimes Square, shiny as always

Andrea was there at the same time so Chris,Sheena and i had dinner with her. I love this girl and really wished i lived closer to her!
The ridiculousness of Top Shop, a british retailer that just opened in Soho, WAY too overwhelming inside...

These clothes are for Margarita and Alicia :)

And then it was really cool Sheena and i were in the new H&M shopping and Epperson from the current season of Project Runway works their dressing their manikins and we chatted for a while about the show!

A never-ending escalator in the subway

Dinner with Gray, Willa, & Natalie at Pink Pony

Gray's little apartment is so adorable- the shower is in the living room! i forget how New Yorkers live! and of course he has decorated EVERY surface of that place with the most beautiful treasures. I miss you Gray!

In his halloween costume- He is Crown and then Natalie was possibly going to be Ginger...

Magnolia's opened up new locations since i was last in town and the one on the upper west side was only a few blocks from the L.D.S temple, so after i did a session i had lunch...

Bannana Pudding and a Cupcake, really healthy lunch i know :)
This new location is so nice becuase you can actually sit down at a little table and enjoy your little delicacies

The city from my cab ride to the airport ( a little bit out of order sorry!)

Talk about dog walking...

Shopping at H&M i loved this outfit but i new Matt wouldn't like it so i took a pic and sent it to him, i didn't buy it and yes i was right he hates the sweater.

I met up with Valerie and Alicia the morning i left and we had breakfast at the doughnut plant- amazing and i forgot to snap a picture of their creations, and then we were walking and happened upon Babycakes! i was so excited because i had just checked their cookbook out at the library a few months before, they are such a cool bakery- everything is sugarfree and gluten free.

OK. glad to get that post out there, there is a lot more to come before the weekend is over and we head of to Brazil on Monday... :)

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