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The Taxi Fiasco

It started when i got into New York, i arrived Monday afternoon around 3:30 in Laguardia, which by the way is a fabulous thing- southwest JUST opened gates there and before i had to fly into Long Island which is a headache and a half. Anyway the story proceeds... as i walked into baggage claim miraculously my bag was coming off the turnstyle and i didn't even have to wait for it, i grabbed it practically galloped outside to the taxi line in the beautiful 60 degree New York day. Taking my ray-bans out of my bag and smiling to myself happy to be in New York my thoughts were interupted by a woman coordinating passengeres for a car service, for those of you who have not been to New York it is common knowledge that the car services are always much more expensive than cabs. She says to me " You miss would you like to share a car with that business man over there in a suit" not knowing what to say the man approaches and she tells us it will be $38, we look at eachother and he says "each?" she responds "Yes, each, it's rush hour blah blah blah.." we look at each other and say "No Thanks, we'll stand in the taxi line" clearly annoyed with us she waves us off and says "Fine, you go over there". As it turns out the business man and i end up standing in the taxi line together and he offers to still share a cab. He mentions that his business pays for his cab rides, hes going to times square so once the cab gets there he'll pay for it and then i can take it up town. Sounds like a great idea to me (free $20 cab ride) so i accept. It turns out that our business man has a name- John, and he is from Raleigh N.C, he went to U.R.I so he is familar with RISD and we have a nice conversation into the city. wait i know your thinking this story is really long and seems pointless but just hold on it is about to get interesting.

As i am riding in the cab i realize that instead of paying the extra money to get uptown i will just get out around grand central and take the subway to Chris and Sheena's apt., and all of the sudden i see grand central! i ask the driver to stop at the next block and in a haste grab my stuff and get out of the car, my haste was mainly due to the fact that i didn't want to run up John's meter since he was still in the cab. Oh the haste. if i could have just stopped right then and done a double look inside the cab at the seat i would have realized that my brand new iphone was right there. but i didn't and as soon as i got out and the cab drove away i reached into my purse to get my phone. Now you understand the first time you reach in and it's not there you think "it must be buried under something" and then you look again, and again, and all of the sudden your happy to be in Manhattan mood has changed to fierce panick and frenzy. On the verge of tears i ran into the bakery that i was standing in front of and i asked them if i could use their phone. I called Matt in a mad panick and asked him to start calling it in hopes that my new friend John was still in the cab and would find it. The only thing i could think to do was rush to wear John's destination was in hopes that he had picked it up, the double tree hotel in Times Square. I arrive at the hotel and of course he is not in the lobby and the nice bellman can see panic written all over my face and asks me what is wrong, he then hands me his phone and lets me use it. At this point when i talk with Matt he has had no luck with anyone answering his calls. I start to freak out even more. i think i remember him saying "It's probably gone, if someone finds an iphone i don't think they are going to give it back" and now i feel sheer despair. i tell him that i guess all i can do now is head up to Chris and Sheena's and i'll call him from Sheena's phone when i get there but to please keep calling the missing phone.

The walk to the subway, subway ride and then the final cab ride to Chris and Sheena's was miserable. I was SO ANGRY at myself i couldn't even stand it. I mean seriously who leaves their iphone in a cab?! how could i be so forgetful, clueless, stupid.... etc., i kept cursing myself for being SO stupid!! and then there is this overwhelming sense of displacement- how am i going to contact people i was supposed to meet up with- etc. it was just a really bad 45 minutes to say the least. The one thought i just kept praying and praying was PLEASE let somone NICE find it and give it back. Please let there be a nice New Yorker who wants to return my phone to me.

So finally i arrive at their apt ,after asking that cab driver to call dispatch which he said wouldn't do any good, and as i had finally come to grips with the fact that my phone was lost forever i walk in the door to Sheena saying "Matt just called some woman named Jane has your phone and you can pick it up in Tribeca"... You have no idea the excitement that was in that moment. To make the end of the story a little bit shorter- basically Jane got in the cab after John exited and felt her butt vibrating- it was a text message from Matt reading "please call this number"- and she did! The whole ending to this story is so amazing to me, that the one thing i had been hoping and praying for actually ended up happening is seriously incredible and lucky. When i went to pick up my phone at Jane's beautiful Tribeca apartment with her three small children eating dinner i couldn't stop telling her how nice she was, and as an end to this story I conclude that whoever said all New Yorkers are rude is wrong.

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