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Green Christmas Wrapping!

So i have to confess i have been waiting an entire year to use all my WWD issues for Christmas wrapping! i got the idea about 2 days after i wrapped all the gifts last year which meant i not only kept an entire tub of newspaper but i moved it from the apartment to the new house! I know a little self-indulgent, but hey my presents are so Green & Chic! :)

Also can i just put a side not here and say that every morning i sit at my computer and update the blogs and check emails and every morning at around the same time my next door neighbor throws water over the side of her deck. I am quite curious as to WHY you would see the need to throw water outside rather than just have it go down the drain? And it's not just a little bit of water its like water is spilling down for a good 30 seconds. I'm confused. But as to the mystery of why its always muddy around my back door- well that i solved.

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