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It's Christmas Time in Kansas City

I think getting my Christmas tree up on December 1st was such a great choice- not only because I had to for my party, but because I feel like Christmas just keeps going and going and it really is one of my favorite times of year- besides the cold part. There have been so many fun church events to go to as well as the shopping and eating, and more eating... and every year we like to go to some type Christmas concert or play- usually A Christmas Carol, but this year the rep was doing A Christmas Story and as much as i really wanted to hear "you'll shoot you're eye out" i think i get enough of that on Christmas eve with it playing for 24 hours and all, so we decided to go to the David Archuleta Christmas Concert- and that kid sure does have a set of lungs! It was also fun because the opener for the show was unexpectedly one of Matt's friends from high school- Benton Paul and we got to say hey after his set, which was fun. You can see his website HERE. Here are some random photos from the past 2 weeks.

We went to the Zum soap factory here in Kansas City to buy some unique "Kansas City" gifts for family.
Ugg the look out my window last week- most of it has melted at this point, thank goodness, if only it wasn't 9 degrees outside!One of my favorite things about this time of year is wearing my red coat! I feel so Jackie-O in it.
Oh and did i mention that the first night we put the tree up Jack decided that the ornaments smelled quite tasty and decided to try a few. This poor ballerina that i got when i was just a wee thing is now only arms and legs.... So sad.

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