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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Post 2

Day 4: Thursday, November 19th
Our second Day in Rio we decided to hit the beach in Ipanema and do the walking tour our lonely planet travel guide suggested. Ipanema is Rio's most high end area for shopping and the beaches in Ipanema and Leblon were by far the best. Rio has a great public transportation system, we used the buses everyday, several times a day- and at only R$2.20 it was a great deal. The apartment we were staying in had a print out that let us know what buses to take to what areas and attractions in Rio which was very helpful. One of the things about the bus that is different from the U.S is that they pay an extra worker to take money from each passenger to prevent theft, and you have to go through a turnstyle to enter the seating area. It seemed like a lot of small things in Rio were designed this way to prevent theft.

A photo of the entrance on the bus
A typical street in Copacabana
These gorgeous trees shaded a lot of the main streets throughout the city.
i loved the decor of this little restaurant a block from the beach in Ipanema
On the beach there are constantly people walking up and down selling things, everything from sunglasses and hats to shrimp and watermelong. I Love watermelon :)
The waves were SO big! i didn't get in that much because every time i just got rocked by a wave. But Matt is a fish and was always in the water body surfing, he loved it!
This mountain is called the twin brothers

One of the good choices we made was to buy our own umbrella instead of renting one on the beach everyday- we learned because the first day in Copa they told us it was only going to be $10 and told us we would pay when we left and then when we went to leave they charged us $20. So on this day in Ipanema i was sitting there with my nice little umbrella and all of the sudden there was a big wind and it came and ripped it out of the sand and into the ocean- you can see it in the picture below and Matt swimming to retrieve it! :)
The shopping in Ipanema was great, and the streets were really nice to just stroll along and window shop in. H.Stern makes all their jewelry in Brazil and this is their museum.
The only Louis store in Rio.

We found one of our favorite restaurants for lunch on this day. Koni Sushi, which is a chain sushi bar that makes these wonderful hand rolls that i have in the picture below. We ate there 5 times during the trip because it was affordable- only around $20 for lunch, and really good! They also had a dessert that was delicious which i made for my Christmas party- they wrapped rice pudding, nutella and strawberries in a waffle cone! delish!

On this day we also learned that the tip to only bring with you enough money for the day was bad advice- only becuase we sat down, ordered food, ate and then realized that we didn't have enough money. complete panic set in, not only because we didn't have enough money but because how in the world were we going to explain to our waitress who didn't speak english that we needed to go to our hotel? Thankfully we were in luck and she understood what we were saying and on top of it was SO nice and let us leave. We did go back and pay and they were also kind to us then. Thank goodness!

more cute shopping...

Ipanema sunset

The sidewalks in Rio are SO cool.

That night we ate at a tradition Brazilian restaurant that was very tasty. I couldn't tell you what we had because i don't think we even knew when we ordered!

As we were leaving leblon we ran into this amazing shopping mall, it was SO nice and like 5 floors of luxury shopping!

They had these cute little sitting areas all over.
and this is the outside of the mall
So that's it for this post, stay tuned for 5 more days of pictures!

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