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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Post 3

Day 5: Friday, November 19th

On Friday we woke up and decided to go to Corcovado Mountain where Cristo the Redentor sits and overlooks the entire city. It was a good decision because that was probably the last completely clear day we had the rest of the trip and you want to go to the top when it's clear and you get a great view, which we did! It was spectacular. We took a bus from our apartment to the base of the mountain where we joined with some other people onto a shuttle that drove us to a first lookout station and then to the top. I'll explain more with the photos.

Before we left we knew we would be missing the opening of New Moon, which Matt wasn't too upset about but i was a teensie weensie bit sad about, well no need to fear because in Brazil Lua Nova was just as popular, i saw people reading the books on the bus and every bookstore window had them in full view and the below posters were all around town. We ended up seeing it twice! ha! only because the day we left we needed to kill time in an air conditioned place and there wasn't anything else showing.. however we went and saw it the first time on Friday night and it was such an experience. The part in the movie where Edward calls Bella's house and then the scene shoots to Edward in an apartment- well if you were paying attention Christo the Redentor is in the background, He was in RIO!! the whole theater went crazy! it really kind of cool :)On our way to the base of Corcovado i saw this very interesting building, i found it photo-worthy.

The first lookout point:

Matt Squishing him.

At the top:

The only bad thing about the day we went was that it was Ultra crowded because it was a Brazillian holiday.

And here are few photos Matt shot while we were waiting for the shuttle down.

The rest of that day was kind of interesting. Since we were somewhat close to Lapa and i had read that there were really good antique stores there we decided to check it out, well BAD idea. Since it was a holiday the area was so deserted and i got really nervous. Matt was fine as always and we took a bus back to Copa and went to the beach the rest of the day, and then to Lua Nova!

More photos to come...

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