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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Post 4

Day 6: Saturday, November 20th
This is the day we decided to to Sugarloaf mountain. Sugarloaf is especially cool because there are these cable cars that go between the ground to the top of mountain 1 and then from there to the top of mountain 2 which is Sugarloaf mountain. I had read in our Lonely planet book that you can actually hike to the top of Mountain 1. now the book wasn't super clear on this but it did tell you exactly where to find the trail and we decided to take it. You can see in the picture above that we were already hot and sweaty before we even hiked up to the top and you might also notice that there aren't many photos of us at the top! it was so stinking hot that day and we were hiking up a mountain! we were drenched in sweat, and even though i looked ridiculous i am really glad i wore my tennis shoes with the skirt i put on that day. So here it goes...

Below is a man that started scaling the side of the first mountain-- we opted to take the trail. :)
We were so glad that we did the hike because we came across these guys!! they were so cute and were obviously used to hikers feeding them because they came right up and ate out of your hands!

The first family we fed a banana to but then when we came across this family Matt decided to get out a fruit strip. I don't think they had every had anything so sweet because at first there was only 2 and then 3...
and look closely and you can see the fourth coming out of the trees for the delicious treat..

and eventually there were 5!! Definetly the best part of our hike! At the bottom of this post you can play a video of them eating the fruit strip- its so cute!
This was at the top of mountain 1. you can see the Christ statue in the distance. We were glad we went to Corcovado the day before when it was clear, but there was something so beautiful about seeing the statue surrounded by clouds!
This shot is in the cable car heading for the top of sugarloaf ahead.
the cable car

See that mountain- that one below. We hiked that!

The below shot is a good one of mountain 1. yes the mountain we hiked :), i'm not proud or anything.
Copa on a cloudy evening.
We ate dinner at this cute cafe called the market. Although it looks like really small portions it was really yummy.

Day 7: Sunday, November 21st
We woke up Sunday morning and were picked up and taken to the beach where you land for hanggliding but because of the wind we didn't get to go. I will tell you that we ended up going on Tuesday so stay tuned for those amazing photos! :) So after wasting a few hours there we went to the Ipanema Hippie fair which was SO cool. There were soo many crafters and artists and the worst part was trying to decide what to buy! we ended up with a really cool painting for the house. After the fair we beached it for the rest of the day.

here is a shot of the favela's on the way to the hanggliding area. More to come on the Favela's tomorrow.
We Loved the Hippie Fair!

There were so many awesome paintings, it was just sad that we couldn't take them all home!

So their public telephones are so cute! i had to have Matt snap a few :)

Sunday evening we went to BiBi crepes which was just okay. They had Sucous (juice) just like every place, and we had been learning that you take a risk when you order juice, sometimes its great and other times its not so great. At BiBi matt ordered pear juice, well it was more like a pear smoothie- just a pear thrown in a blender. Not so good..

Photos of the restaurant. This man was not happy with me taking a photo of him...
the chocolate, banana and caramel dessert crepe..
and of course the video of the monkeys!!
As always more photos to come!


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