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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Post 6

Isn't that an awesome sand castle?!

Day 9: Tuesday, November 23rd

We woke up Tuesday and again called for hang gliding, they told us to call back around 3pm so we decided to go to Lapa to the antique stores that were closed when we visited on Friday and then to Santa Teresa which you take an old street car to get to. So here it goes:

Sidewalks in Copa
Our Gelato place by the apt. SOO good :)
The antique stores in Lapa. i loved it all!

I am in love with all the brightly colored buildings!
This is a little cafe that is so gorgeous
After lapa we walked to the street car pick up. They crammed us all in! It was quite a squeeze and then once we got going about half a mile down the track a bunch of people grabbed on to the sides and rode along. it was crazy! Luckily we were shoved in the back with a group of 4 other tourists that spoke english and we ended up walking around Santa Theresa with them. 2 were from Germany, so Matt got to brush up on his german, and 2 were from Austraila. it was a fun morning.

A view from the outside of the street car.
Pink House!

We left Santa Theresa and headed home to make our hanggliding appointment which went through!! finally at day 3 we got to fly! it was amazing. Running off for take off was def. the scariest part but once you were in the air you just glided and it was so peaceful, you really felt like a bird! Below is the ramp you run off of. the day we went there were clouds surrounding the take off but once you started flying you passed right through them.

checking to make sure...
This pic is out of order- but this is after he landed on the beach!
about to take off- a little scared!
Just took off!
We are flying!

That night we went to a traditional charcuteria which was WAY too much food for me, but Matt loved it! We were still full until lunch the next day :)below are all the sides they bring you- it's one price so they just bring you everything!

This video is on the subway, when the doors open Matt was conviced it sounded like a witch boiling in water. its quite funny :)

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