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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Post 7

This was the photo of the trip, taken in the largest cathedral in Rio there was a stream of light coming in through the skylight atop the dome of the church and Matt, a genius with a camera, had me sit right where the beam hit. I look like a Saint :)Day 10: Wednesday, November 25 -- (somewhere i messed up on my dates but o well!)
Our last day in Rio was spent doing the walking tour of Centro, the downtown hub of Rio. We were so happy we did this tour, stopped at all the places it recommended and read about them. There were some Amazing buildings we would have never seen had we not done it. Also this is the day we had to check out at 10:00 a.m but our flight didn't leave until 10:30pm so even when we spent all morning/early afternoon walking Centro we still had time to kill before going to the airport so we ended up seeing New Moon for the 2nd time! Here are some photos from the amazing historic city.

This restaurant was so amazing, i felt like i was in Paris or somewhere in Europe.

There were so many beautiful buildings, but my favorite facades were the ones brightly colored :)

This was an historic "reading room" it was so decadent and beautiful

i love this yellow and white building!

The the tour led us to a market called the Saara, we realized this is the place where all the beach vendors buy their goods and then mark them up a ton and sell them in Copa or Ipanema. Definetly the best place to buy havianas, sunglasses, and any other souveniers!

A cathedral we popped into...
The oldest street in Rio
This is the largest cathedral in Rio

This is the final post for our Rio trip! finally almost a month after we left i have all the pictures and stories up! i hope you enjoyed them :)

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