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Sew worn out!

I am working on a new collection of gowns right now and this morning i got really motivated to make myself something, i get a little bored of white so i reached for this adorbale Anna Marie Horner fabric i have had since the summer that has been begging me to make something out of it! I also wanted to time myself- something i regularly forget to do- and i wanted to start and finish it today. i didn't even take a break till right now (and my tummy is rumbling)- i took me 5 hours and it is completely done! (the sleeves aren't hemmed in the picture but i just finished that too, so if i wanted to go to dinner with this tonight i could :) It's fully lined with polished white cotton.
I also finally finished piecing the circles for my single girl quilt. I bought the white fabric that goes around and inside the circle and all i have to do is cut those out and sew them and i'll be done with all the piecing- my goal is to be finished in time to take it to Minnesota so Cynthia can help me quilt it over New Years. yay :) finishing projects is so satisfying!

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