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Cute little Craft

Since the renovation of the downstairs started i have used one of the empty bedrooms upstairs to stash all the decor items i have and the pick and choose where to put everything. The room has become, as you might have imagined, a big mess. another item that has been collecting in this decor room are loose photos from all corners of my house that i want to be framed or displayed somehow.

After checking out Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of crafts (such a great reference book btw) i was flipping through it and came across the page with fabric covered photo mats. What a perfect idea i thought! So off to JoAnn's i went (giftcard from Christmas in hand) and i found a cute black&white print to cover some Mats. i did these three in an hour- they are super fast projects. i have the supplies so i thought this would be a great project for February sewing night! (even though it involves no sewing)
If you want to do this at home the Martha article is online you can find it HERE.

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