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It always feels good to finish a project!

The counter tops are finished! YAY! our kitchen renovation is now complete and i am so happy with it. I think we made a great decision to replace the counter tops, the butcher block counters really balance the color of the room.

Here are some tips of how we did it in case you are thinking about doing something similar.
For this project we had a few tools that i were indispensable including our little black & decker mouse sander, we had to sand every surface of the cabinets before painting, a jigsaw was used to cut out the outlet hole on the beadboard, and Matt got handy dandy new compound miter saw that we used to cut all the trim along the floor. We bought the paint from Zeke's Paint on North Oak and they were SO helpful. We used an oil based primer and then the paint they reccomended, it was expensive but it went on like a dream. The wood counters we purchased at Ikea and then once they were cut (which we found an awesome carpenter who came to our house to do it, if you are interested i'll give you his info) we had to put wood filler in a few places, sand where there was rough edges and then seal it with a Poly-Eurathane coating. All in all the project took us about 4 days to do all the painting and then the counters another 3 days. Here are the before and afters!


I love our new picture of the SanDiego Temple! Matt's mom gave it to us for Christmas. It's even personalized with our wedding date in the top right corner :)

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