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It IS a Magical Kingdom!

All i have to say is "it really is a Magical Kingdom" :)
no but really, i love Disneyworld. i am pretty sure i loved it more than my 10 year old sister, and maybe alot of the kids that were there. I guess it just takes me back to old memories of fun adventures and beloved movies. There was some fun additions and of course timeless favorites to enjoy.

We stayed at Disney's Boardwalk hotel, which was so Nantucket Chic!

We started our magical journey at Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM) I have always loved the great movie ride, the tower of terror & the little mermaid experience, but the new additions were super fun such as the Rockin Roller Coaster, The American Idol experience, and the Toy Story interactive game ride. The Fast Pass is a great new Disney addition- it allows you to go to the ride, swipe your ticket and it prints out a new fast pass ticket that tells you when to come back to the ride, which is usually around an hour later, so for instance we went to tower of terror and picked up our fast pass and then got to watch the Beauty and the Beast show, right after the show we ate lunch and then went back to the tower of terror- with the fast pass you are able to get into a different line that seriously shoots you right to the front. such a genius idea!
In the picture below you can get a feeling for how excited i was :)
Being the planner that i am, i mapped out our entire day so that we could maximize our time and see everything! We didn't leave until the park closed...

We saw characters...

guess what i'm going to be for halloween this year... how did i forget she was so cute!?!

We saw Broadway quality shows...

rode fun new rides...

went upside down...

and didn't even stand in lines for that long...

We got lost in the Twilight Zone...

and rocked it out with Aerosmith..

and felt like we were actually in Hollywood...
Day 2: Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom was considerably more packed, maybe it was because it was Saturday, maybe it was because it is summer in South America and those people we saw advertising Disney in Copacabana, Brazil succeeded in getting the whole of south america to visit disney this weekend, i don't know, but it was crowded. However, thanks to the fast pass, we really didn't wait in any lines. we shot strait to the front of Space Mountain after visiting the Carosel of Progress, which i'm pretty sure i'm the only one that enjoyed it, and the new Monsters Inc. Comedy show that was hilarious! After that we headed to the back of the park and to our dismay splash mountain was closed! another new highlight of the day was the 3d movie Mickey's PhilharMagic, it was really cute and included all your favorite disney classic characters and songs.
At about 3pm we could hear that the parade was starting and had us bolt for where an area we could see it, at first it looked like it had just ended and i looked at Matt with a very sad expression on my face. Thats about the time that he laughed at me and typed this into his facebook status:

"Loving that Ang is more excited then 99.4% of the kids at disneyworld"

What can i say, i love disney. and their parades are fabulous!

We also wondered when the parade started when they initiated these harnesses for the characters on the floats? did Mickey go flying before they realized they needed to hold him down??

We Saw Jiminey Cricket!and Snow White..
Alice and Peter
And all the princesses...
don't forget my favorite, Ariel!

ok, so this picture is at the end of the day and my hair needs help, but here we all are!
and yes, it is a Magical Kingdom :)

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