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Snow Day Project.

Last week it snowed so much in Kansas City and was SO cold. i thought i had teleported back to Minnesota! However the pups LOVE the snow! especially Jack who thinks that big blocks of ice are just cold tennis balls and as soon as he goes outside he picks them up and carries them around. Here are some fun photos of them enjoying the arctic tundra that is our yard.

we always catch Jill mid-jump :)
Since we were snowed in and Matt didn't even go into work because it was too cold for his tech's to even run routes, we decided to get a project done. I bought this amazing shelf unit before we even bought the house last summer. I found it on craigslist and had to drive an hour to get it but it was so worth it! The woman who i bought it from told me that her grandfather was Harry Truman's tailor and that the shelf was made from his thread spools. Why she wanted to sell it i have no idea. Here is the progression of the project:
(it has been sanded so it actually looks good this color- but before we sanded it it was really not that cute)
Mid-Way: after the coat of red paint. We also had to prime it with a gray primer, but i didn't take a photo of that step.
After the red dried i used a wood stain to antique it a little bit so it wasn't SO red.
It is in our bedroom and fits perfectly. one day ill take a photo of our whole room for you.
i just need some type of vase or something tall to go into the center. any ideas?

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