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where is the sun?

Dear Missouri,

WHY do you hate the Sun? It is Soooo de-motivating to wake up at 7 and feel like it is 2 am.
Did i mention that the fog hasn't lifted for over a week? literally.

Seriously, please let Mr.Sun come out to play- i might go a little crazy if you don't.

Your temperatures haven't been so awful, but it's not so nice to be so damp all the time --
and it's really not fun to give my dogs a bath every time we come inside because they are muddy.

Dear Missouri, i do love you, but you really need an attitude adjustment.


and also weatherchannel.com you are such a tease.
you say it will be sunny every day and then. its. not.

I am SO looking forwarding to landing in SUNNY Orlando tomorrow night!!
Disney world here i come!

Or Google +

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