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Worms in my kitchen...

There are totally worms in kitchen-- and guess what it's by choice! I know i know some one of you probably think i am totally gross, but seriously its so cool. Let me explain. Last summer as i was browsing the stalls at the City Market, a particular booth caught my attention- the green worm. They were selling these "worm kits", they are basically bins with holes drilled around the top edge, and the come with 1lb of red worms and shredded paper inside. Now these worms are kind of like magic because they eat your left over food scraps and their poop is super nutritious to go in with your potting soil for your garden. I have had these wigglers for only about a week and i have added a banana peel , some lettuce and a shredded up carrot that was left in my fridge too long. And guess what- it doesn't smell! as long as you keep the amount of paper balanced to the amount of food/soil your good to go. I get to sit back and let my worms to do the work. :) You can go to the Green Worm's website just click HERE.
Also i have also been hard at work getting my life organized. I purchased a cute week dry erase board for the fridge, mostly to keep Matt updated on what we have since for some reason he never remembers when i tell him. I created a system for keeping track of recipes i like, and i created a daily/weekly/monthly check off list for all the new years resolutions i have made. It sounds so kiddish but it motivates me so much to know i need to check off all the boxes on the chart! I showed you all the below grocery list/menu planner from design sponge, but i thought i would snap a photo of it in use in my grocery cart! I was super excited when i first saw the list because i had just recieved this adorable clipboard for Christmas from Sheena and i didn't know what i was going to use it for- voila! It was perfect to hold the coupons of the products that i had already put in my cart, i just take them out of my new coupon accordion organizer Michelle sent me and clip them on. I think i might be becoming a little to anal retentive, but o well.
Also we had a bit of a crisis around here on Sunday morning- in case you don't get my tweets i'll fill you in. Here's how it went: I decided to wash the comforter- i scooped it up and stuck it in the washing machine. about an hour later we are leaving for church- Matt says "Where is my phone?" i am looking around in the living room when i hear the washing machine lid Slam shut. "What was that?" Matt replies "That was the sound of you ruining my phone" . Oh No. crap. So contrary to popular thought, he did not leave it in his pants pocket, it actually was really all my fault. If i could go back to that moment and just shake out the comforter i really would. Good thing we still had my nokia for him to use while we try to get him a new iphone.

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