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Book/Movie Review: The Lovely Bones

Last week I was in one of those moods where I just wanted to devour a book.
The Lovely Bones was the perfect choice. I started it late on Thursday night and finished on Sunday. Thankfully the movie was still showing at our theater and we went on Monday. The book is haunting and yet not sad enough to make you close it. You are so engaged to find out what happens, even though you know who the killer is from the beginning. In the end, even though it doesn't quite close the way you would have hoped for, you are still happy.

The movies was, obviously, not as good as the book- they never are. But i'm one of those people who just likes to see the books they read come to life. I thought the bulk of the movie was really good and close to the story line, however i HATED the heaven scenes. SO cheesy, and nothing like what she describes her Heaven to be like in the book. I thought Mark Walhberg was perfect for the dad and Susan Sarandon even more perfect for the grandma. I thought Stanley Tucci as George Harvy (the killer) was so creepy and perfect in the role, surprisingly so since his most popular rolls are in The Devil Wears Prada and Julie & Julia where he plays much more loveable characters. I would reccomend both the book and the movie. The movie would have been fabulous had they done the heaven scenes different.

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